CNN Panel Aghast At Trump's “Offensive” Hot Mic Audio: "A Window Into His Character”

From the October 7 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Pretty crass stuff. I'm here with our panel. Kirsten Powers for USA Today, a columnist there. And Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard. Tough stuff. And hard to imagine that this is not going to continue the slide of Donald Trump in the polls. 

KIRSTEN POWERS: Yeah. I mean, it's definitely, you sort of sit here and think wow we're really talking about somebody who could be the President of the United States. And this is just very adolescent way to talk about women. And a very vulgar way. 


BILL KRISTOL: I like his excuse that it's locker room -- what'd he say? That it's locker room talk. Or as you say it's adolescent. But locker rooms are usually full of 20 year olds and 25 years old and they do snap towels and say these kind of things. Donald Trump was what at this time? 59, 60 years old. Just married for the third time. It is of course a window into his character. 


TAPPER: I was single once. I was no choir boy. I never said anything like that. I never thought anything like that. I mean, what is that? 

POWERS: I know. We were talking about this in the green room actually. No, who talks this way? I mean, I'm sorry even when you're single it would be a strange thing to say. And this sort of entitled attitude that like women are there for the taking because I'm a star is I think offensive to a lot of women and I think to people. Forget about women, it's offensive to people. Right. 


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