CNN Intelligence And Security Analyst Debunks Trump Administration’s Deep State “'Alt-Right’ Conspiracy Theory”

Robert Baer: “Going Down The Conspiracy Theory Hole … It’s Just Going To Wreck The Credibility Of This Administration”

From the March 10 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront

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ROBERT BAER: This is an alt-right conspiracy theory that there's such a thing as the deep state. I have dealt with deep states in the Middle East where there are generals and intelligence officers and they are deep states. We don't have one here in the United States. There is not a concerted effort. There are leakers, both Republicans and Democrats, but they're not organized and there's nobody organized this, certainly the former president, President Obama, is not doing this. And this is another distraction. I think going down the conspiracy theory hole is not going to get us anywhere and it's just going to wreck the credibility of this administration and, you know, we need some adult supervision here. 


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