CNN Hosts Highlight How Trump's Phone Interviews Give Him An “Advantage”

Christiane Amanpour On Trump's Phone Privilege: “It's Kind Of Odd Doing These Big Interviews And These Big Doctrine Interviews Over The Phone”

From the March 28 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Donald Trump, as is his wont, because he's a businessman, speaks entirely in dollars and cents. So if you read very closely those pages of transcripts from The New York Times -- which by the way he did yet again over the phone -- it's kind of odd doing these big interviews and these big doctrine interviews over the phone. You've got to get a sense of, you know, the measure of the person, look into their eyes, be able to push them, continue to sort of push these issues --

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): It's his advantage to pick up the phone, by the way.

AMANPOUR: Yeah, and so you have a lot of -- many people talk about his sort of distracted nature where he jumps from one point to another, and always comes back to the dollars and cents. So, America's broke, therefore, America's weak. These are not true, right, so everybody else has to pony up. This is a businessman's view of the world, presumably. But it doesn't make sense when he talks about, for instance, NATO. NATO is not obsolete. Yes, NATO was created 60-plus years ago in response to the Soviet threat. But still, NATO is the organizing principle by which American and the Western democracies' security is taken care of. And NATO is not just about the United States putting money in. It's about all the other countries putting in their two percent of GDP as well. Now, they don't all, that's true, and America wants them to put more than they do right now. But a good number, nearly half of the NATO countries, put their two percent of GDP in. And the other countries do certain things that America doesn't do. Now, America, because it is the most powerful military in the world, does a lot of the heavy lifting. You know, you have a military operation and America will do the troop lifting, for instance. Or it will do, you know, many of those kinds of things. But many of the other countries, whether it's in Afghanistan or elsewhere, pick up a huge lot of the burden as well.


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