CNN host gushes over Trump's tweets about State of the Union

Alisyn Camerota: “It was so presidential in tone, I just had to take a moment to acknowledge” it

From the January 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Marc Short, I read the president's tweet over multiple times this morning because it was so striking to me in its tone. I mean, one more time, I just want to read a little portion of it. He says, “Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union, I agreed. She then changed her mind because of the shutdown suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative,” and then he talks about kind of the import and the historical, you know, relevance of the House chamber. It was such a different tone from the president. It was so presidential in tone. I just had to take a moment to acknowledge that he's giving her this sort of hat tip that she wins this round and he's not going to do it. So why -- why the -- such a different tone, the respectful tone? There's nothing derogatory in there; there's no Naughty Nancy. What do you think is going on with the president? 


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