CNN host: “Aren't Democrats to blame here” for “not providing any counteroffer” to end Trump's shutdown

CNN commentator Joe Lockhart: “They've put three different offers on the table”

From the January 10 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Aren't Democrats to blame here as well? Because right after our dramatic reading, so right after that “bye-bye” -- right after that the reporting from inside the room, from CNN, is that the vice president stuck around to try to do some cleanup on aisle four and he said to [Sen. Chuck] Schumer and [Rep. Nancy] Pelosi, okay, so what's your counteroffer? And they didn't make one? How is that a negotiation? How is not providing any counteroffer moving the ball forward? 

JOE LOCKHART (CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): Well, as much as I'd like to play Rush Limbaugh this morning, I'm going to just be myself. 

CAMEROTA: All right. 

LOCKHART: Listen, I think Democrats have made a number of offers. It's clear that this has just become political theater though, but political theater with consequences. All of these people, I mean, it -- it's not just Uber drivers, it's farmers, it's the people who are supposed to be doing, you know, the economic forecast can't the get data. 

CAMEROTA: Agreed, but my point is, can't the Democrats, which you are one and representing today, can't they be doing more for this negotiation right now? 

LOCKHART: Sure. And they've put three different offers on the table. Remember, all of the Republicans in the Senate voted for opening -- reopening the government and continuing this negotiation. They can -- the president isn't even on the same page as the Republicans. They're now smartly calling this border security. He's still talking about a wall.


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