CNN Highlights White Nationalist Praise Of Trump's Immigration Speech

Tom Foreman: “White Nationalist Publisher Jared Taylor Called The Speech 'Almost Perfect'”

From the September 1 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): Tonight, white nationalists are seizing on Donald Trump's tough talk when it comes to immigration, insisting Trump is speaking to them when he talks of deportation and restricting immigration. The campaign disavowing that support, but these followers have become an issue for Trump. Tom Foreman is OutFront.


TOM FOREMAN: Whether Donald Trump wanted to or not, his tough immigration speech triggered support among people who see immigration by minorities as a recipe for disaster.

ANDREW ANGLIN: Yeah, I know the speech last night was beautiful. It was really, really good, and I was really happy about it. The obvious difference was his skin color --

FOREMAN: Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin was thrilled as he appeared on the show of former Klansman David Duke who was pretty happy, too.

DAVID DUKE: We have to take America back and we have to defend the heritage of the people who created America.

FOREMAN: In other words, white people. One goal excited special praise.

DONALD TRUMP: To keep immigration levels measured by population share within historical norms.

FOREMAN: Some of these groups clearly believe that would mean a preference for white Christian immigrants. White nationalist writer Richard Spencer cited long-ago legislation severely limiting immigrants from eastern, southern Europe, Africa, Arabs and Asians.

Trump is returning to the ideas of the 1924 Immigration Act. Immigrants will reflect the racial makeup of the country and white nationalist publisher Jared Taylor called the speech “almost perfect.” “Donald Trump has tied our foolish immigration policies to every problem we have.” Trump has already been accused several times of encouraging bigoted or racist views.


FOREMAN: Still, even as the campaign says it wants nothing to do with David Duke and his ilk, Trump's approach is energizing some people who like America as a fundamentally white Christian country, and want every entrance guarded with that in mind.


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