CNN Highlights Trump Campaign's “Alarming” Pattern Of Revoking Press Credentials Of Outlets That Challenge Him

Trump Says He Will Revoke Press Credentials For The Washington Post

From the June 13 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Let's bring in CNN's Sara Murray, she's with the Trump campaign in Manchester, New Hampshire. And, Sara, as I said Clinton made only veiled allusions to Donald Trump but boy, he took her on by name repeatedly. 

SARA MURRAY: Absolutely, Jake. Today Hillary Clinton said this was not a day for politics but Donald Trump had something else in mind entirely. He went after Hillary Clinton, he went after Barack Obama, all as he tried to cast himself as the toughest candidate to fight terror.


Now, The Washington Post is one of the news outlets that seized on that last comment from Donald Trump, the suggestion that the president might know more about these terrorist attacks, things like the shooting in Orlando than he's letting on, and Trump said he did not appreciate that coverage very much. He took to Facebook today to say he plans on revoking The Washington Post's press credentials, this is a theme we've seen within this campaign, them pulling the credentials of reporters or news outlets when they're unhappy with the coverage. And obviously an alarming one, Jake, from the perspectives of the journalists covering it.


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