CNN Highlights Conservatives Praising Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech, Democratic National Convention

Jake Tapper: “I'm Stunned” By Positive Reactions To DNC Speeches From Prominent Conservatives

From the July 29 edition of CNN's America's Choice 2016

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JAKE TAPPER: One reaction that I'm noticing online is conservatives who really liked it. People who do not like Hillary Clinton, people who do not agree with her. Jonah Goldberg who writes for the National Review, and not a Trump fan, he wrote “why this convention is better, it's about loving America, the Republican convention was about loving Trump. If you didn't love Trump, it offered nothing.” And then, I got a private message from a conservative who shall remain nameless, a prominent writer, who said “I agree with zero percent of Hillary's policies but I strongly believe that she is more right about what America is as a country or at least ought to be. She said a lot of things that appeal to people like me tonight.” These are people who I have never heard say anything nice about Hillary Clinton, or Bill Clinton, or any of their extended family before, and they are just identifying more with the America presented by the Democrats. And I just -- I'm stunned.

DANA BASH: Absolutely. Just to add to that, Rich Galen who worked for Newt Gingrich and is a Republican, tweeted that he said he was sitting in his kitchen crying watching the speeches here. And he said “what happened to my GOP?” And, Erick Erickson -- who is no fan of Donald Trump, I want to say that up front at all -- he wrote in his blog just now that “the Democratic convention was a convention of patriotism this year.” He said “Democrats were for you. If you want to be free, the GOP was doom and gloom.” So again, policies aside, just the overall feeling, and the overall kind of appeal that the notion and the themes of this convention set forward. For people who are looking for that, it was there for them.

TAPPER: And Erick Erickson also said that the speech by Khzir Khan, who lost his son, an American Muslim, in the Army in Iraq -- Humayun Khan -- was the most effective part of the two weeks that he had watched. So this is entirely unscientific, but these are just some interesting reactions.


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