CNN Focus Group Declares Hillary Clinton The Winner Of The First Debate 

From CNN's coverage of the First 2016 Presidential Debate: 

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WOLF BLITZER (CO-HOST): Pamela, these voters tell you there's a clear winner tonight. What do they say? 

PAMELA BROWN: That's right, and they say the clear winner is Hillary Clinton. Eighteen out of the 20 undecided voters here in this key battleground state of Florida say Hillary Clinton won, 2 for Donald Trump. I want to show the crowd here, and just get a word or a phrase in how you would describe Hillary Clinton's performance tonight. 


BROWN: So you actually think Donald Trump won the debate. You thought he had the better performance. Why is that? 

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER 1: Well, it's not that he won the debate, but he did what I expected him to do. And Hillary didn't answer any of the questions I have about her, any of the really things that I see as troubling as far as voting for her. Whereas -- I know what I know about Trump.

BROWN:  So before this debate, we were talking, and you actually -- you actually were leaning more toward Donald Trump, but now you're leaning toward Hillary Clinton. Why is that? 

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER 2:  I think she -- like I said, she was very well-prepared. Her attitude seemed to be more in the charismatic side, she took more control of the situation, so I felt that she owned this debate compared to what Donald Trump has done in the past. And he doesn't seem to be solid in what he -- his material. So I feel that this time around, she was -- she just pretty much had solid information compared to what she's had in the past. 

BROWN: And I want to go to a Bernie Sanders supporter here, undecided voter. You wanted to come in here today and hear a populous message during the debate. Did you hear that? 

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER 3: No, I didn't. I felt that's what Donald Trump needed to do to pick up millennial Bernie supporters at least was to come across as “for the people.” I wanted to hear more talk about campaign finance reform, which neither of the candidates touched on. Which was really disappointing to me. I feel Hillary Clinton did better in getting a more progressive message across with talking about clean energy and health care and affordable college. But it wasn't enough for me. 

BROWN: And Cheryl, you really wanted to hear about the issues tonight, you wanted to learn from these candidates what they're going to do for you. Did you hear what you wanted to hear? 

FOCUS GROUP MEMBER 4: No, I was very disappointed. I don't know what either one of them plans to do toward medical costs, which are a huge concern in my life right now. Things that affect the single parents. 


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