CNN Documents Kellyanne Conway's Embarrassing Descent Into Discredited Trump Mouthpiece

“Every Time I Turn On My Phone I See Kellyanne Conway Is Trending, And It's Never For A Good Reason ... She Undermines Her Credibility”

From the February 10 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): Obviously conflicting reports tonight; Kellyanne Conway says the president supports her 100 percent, we now have reported at CNN that the president is upset with Kellyanne Conway. On top of that you just saw this piece with her missteps. How much does it hurt her credibility?

DAN PFEIFFER: Well it hurts her credibility a lot. Her job, as far as I can tell, is to go on TV and advocate for the president. She's been going out, she's made mistake after mistake, and she's learning the difference between being a cable TV pundit like Alice and myself, and being a spokesperson for the president of the United States. And when you make those mistakes, she undermines her credibility. Every time I turn on my phone I see Kellyanne Conway is trending and it's never for a good reason. And so she's hurting what she does best for the president, which is advocating for him, if she cannot be taken seriously when she goes out there.


ALICE STEWART: Having known Kellyanne for many years she is tremendous at what she does, she does a good job, and if you go back and actually look at this videotape you'll see that she was asked a question about the clothing line, she answered the question with a solid answer, saying that she feels the department stores are taking it out on her because they don't like Donald Trump, and then she said an off the cuff, lighthearted, humorous line just as a throwaway line, and we're still talking about it after two days. You'd think she walked out there with a “Make Ivanka Clothing Line Great Again” cap on as much as the attention it's getting, and it was just a throwaway line, it was something humorous. And the fact that we're still talking about it, I don't understand. 

BURNETT: But Alice, maybe we're talking about it because of all of those other examples that Jessica Schneider just presented. Right? I mean Kellyanne Conway used the word “alternate facts,” as just another example. If this was just one time, maybe we wouldn't be talking about it, but it's not just one time. 


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