CNN Conservative Commentator: Trump Is A “Casual Authoritarian”

Mary Katharine Ham: Trump "Is A Candidate Who … Doesn’t Have Any Interest In The Constitution”

From the May 11 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): Bottom line, does Mr. Trump really care about party unity? 

KATRINA PIERSON: Of course he does. He has been committed to that long before he became the presumptive nominee. He’s been having these meetings in Washington for about three months now because he does want to unite the party. However, if that means giving up his core platform of pro-American values -- 

MARY KATHARINE HAM: What is his core platform?

PIERSON: His core platform is jobs –

HAM: Is being pro-America.

PIERSON: -- the economy, trade, immigration, and border security. That is his core platform. Go back and check out the speech. It is there and that's why people are voting for him. 

HAM: He is a candidate, he is a candidate who has happily and proudly spurned the entire idea of limits on his power as an executive and doesn't have any interest in the Constitution and what it allows him to do and what does not allow him to do. That is concerning for people who are interested in limited government. Though I will totally concede, along with Katrina, that looking at how things have been governed in the past, it's not a conservative government. But moving in that direction requires that you not hire a casual authoritarian to do it. 


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