CNN Commentator Slams NBC's Hypocrisy In Inviting Trump To Host SNL After Previously Cutting Ties Over His Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Maria Cardona: “For Ratings Expediency, Their Values And Their Principles Go Out The Window”

From the November 6 edition of CNN's New Day:

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MICHAELA PEREIRA (HOST): Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live is likely to be a ratings bonanza. There's a lot at stake I'd say for both the candidate and NBC. The network, facing a bitter backlash from several Hispanic advocacy groups. I want to discuss it all with CNN contributor and author of The War For Late Night, Mr. Bill Carter who was up late last night watching late night TV. And CNN political commentator and democratic strategist Maria Cardona. Good to have you guys both here. Maria, we've got to get your perspective on this. Because we know that you work with a lot of these Latino leaders and advocacy groups. And we know that they've been pretty vocal, there have been demonstrations calling for him to not be on SNL this weekend. When he was asked about it, he said 'I think they should demonstrate, the ratings will go even higher.' Probably 'huge' is the word he wished to use. What's your take on it? 

MARIA CARDONA: Well look, Latino leaders are absolutely upset about this, and I think rightly so. What they see in SNL giving this huge platform to Donald Trump is frankly a network and a program that is sanctioning bigotry, racism and hate speech. And what is so curious about this, Michaela, is that back in June, NBC actually slashed ties with Donald Trump after he announced his candidacy and after he uttered those misguided words about hatred towards Mexican immigrants, calling them rapists, calling them criminals. NBC putting out a statement saying that what Donald Trump said does not comport with the principles and the values of NBC. So, what happened in five months? Clearly they saw that he is, continues to be a ratings juggernaut, that he is at the top of the polls. And so, for ratings expediency, their values and their principles go out the window. 


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