CNN Commentator Corrects Republican Congresswoman's Attempt To Whitewash Trump's Muslim Ban

Bakari Sellers: “Mr. Khan's Son Would Not Be Able To Give His Life For This Country In Donald Trump's America.”

From the July 31 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

REP. MARCIA BLACKBURN (R-TN): Now, I think you need to rethink that one right there. Look at what OSHA, Department of Labor, the EPA are doing to this country. Look at what has happened to manufacturing in the South. Come through my district. Look at all of these clothing --

BAKARI SELLERS: But Congressman, that's not the issue. What Khizr Khan is talking about -- that's not the issue. What Khizr Khan is talking about when he is going up there, when he and his wife are standing up there, they’re talking about -- and you’re saying, yes, it's about individuals being able to make this country great again. But what individuals are we talking about? Are we talking about Hispanic Americans? Are we talking about Muslim Americans? But what Mr. Khan --

BLACKBURN: We're talking about all Americans. All Americans.

SELLERS: Because Mr. Khan's son would not be able to give his life for this country in Donald Trump's America. That's a fact.

BLACKBURN: I would disagree with you on that one.


BLACKBURN: Because all Americans -- and we honor the Khans and their loss. It is just -- it is devastating to --

SELLERS: He would not be allowed in this country under Donald Trump's America.

BLACKBURN: No. That is incorrect.

SELLERS: How is that incorrect? How is that incorrect?

BLACKBURN: It is incorrect. What Donald Trump has talked about doing is a temporary time-out to the Syrian refugee --

SELLERS: That's not what he said, though. That's a new position.


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