CNN Commentator Blames Hillary Clinton For Terrorist Recruitment Video Featuring Donald Trump

From the January 2 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

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FREDRICKA WHITFIELD (HOST): Let me begin with you, Ben, on that and how this video by Al-Shabaab may in any way influence what is or is not said on the campaign trail.

BEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I don't think it will influence the election in any capacity. I mean if anything, they got their idea from Hillary Clinton when she mentioned putting Donald Trump in a video.


ISIS, Al-Shabaab and other terrorists like this, they understand social media. They understand how to get media attention. As soon as that was said, I'm sure they said, “that's a great idea. Let's throw Donald Trump in there. We'll get even more publicity because of this, we'll get to bring Hillary Clinton into this.” And it worked well for them.


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