CNN Commentator Attacks Obama For Golfing In 2002 When Bush Was President

McEnany Botches Attack On Then-State Senator Obama When Defending Trump’s Golfing

From the March 27 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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KAYLEIGH MCENANY: There's a difference between President Bush, who took time away from vacationing, away from golfing, in honor of the Iraq war, versus President Obama, who --

DON LEMON (HOST): You tweeted about the president golfing.

MCENANY: Of course.

LEMON: You said work -- “Things that offend Obama: Work outside the golf course.” And you said, “DNC in four words, find a golf course.” And then you said, “President is annoyed. He just left a golf course and is counting down the minutes until he can go back. #Presidentialdebate.” I mean, you’ve tweeted about it.

MCENANY: And I’ll tell you why. Because, when President Bush took time off from the golf course in honor of the Iraq War, you had President Obama, who after the beheading of Daniel Pearl, spoke to how upset he was about that and then rushed off to a golf game.

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