On CNN, Christiane Amanpour Highlights How Brexit Results Were Fueled By Trump-Like “Demagoguery” And “Xenophobia”

From the June 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Christiane, you are not our expert on the American presidential election. But you do know what the implications of the Brexit are. So do me a favor, thread through what you just saw not happen and what you expect to happen in the UK going forward.


CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: What is happening here, very, very serious. You know, you've given me my one and only laugh in the last 24 hours as the gravity of this statement and this decision by Britain begins to really sink in to all of us who have been up for hours and over tired and are now just really beginning to process it. I mean, we're walking around London and there are faces that are as long as the floor and jaws dropping on the floor, because this is huge. There's no turning back. And clearly, what Trump represents is the fear by many, many others around Europe that his kind of nationalism, his kind of populism, his kind of demagoguery, anti-immigration, xenophobia, all of that kind of stuff, including economic nationalism, protectionism, and this and that, this is what people are afraid not just about Trump, but about Le Pen, about Geert Wilders, about Norbert Hofer. I'm giving you all of the names of the leaders of these nationalist movements here in Europe who want to spin off from the establishment. And that is what, the reason for everybody looking so closely at this Brexit vote, because people want to figure out whether the economic argument on which most elections turn and on which Prime Minister Cameron ran this campaign, wouldtrump the populism that is abroad throughout our lands today, whether in your land, whether in this land, whether in Europe, and beyond. This is the fever of the moment, and that is why what's happened, today apart from all of the other implications is so important. And for Donald Trump to represent that in the American context and to be here and to be public, even if he doesn't say much about it, is, is still, you know, pretty powerful synergy statement for the people who worry about the effects of all of this.


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