CNN Analyst: Roger Stone Said Trump Believes Clinton And Obama "Actually Supported ISIS With Weapons”

Rebecca Berg: “And This Is Something That Is Kind Of A Conspiracy Theory On The Right. It’s Something That Russia Has Pushed, It Is Now Something That Donald Trump Is Inadvertently Pushing"

From the August 11 edition of CNN’s The Situation Room:

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REBECCA BERG: It strikes me that he is actually going one large leap beyond just referring to any sort of vacuum of power that was created in the Middle East by U.S. foreign policy. And in fact, I asked his informal but close advisor Roger Stone about this this evening, what was Trump getting at? Why didn't he take this lifeline from Hugh Hewitt on the radio today? And Roger Stone said it's because he believes just as Stone himself believes, and he's advised Trump on this, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama actually supported ISIS with weapons and with their policies. And this is something that is kind of a conspiracy theory on the right. It's something that Russia has pushed, it is now something that Donald Trump is inadvertentlypushing – and actually he has tweeted about this in the past in 2014, Donald Trump personally tweeted that Obama sent ISIS weapons through Benghazi directly. And of course this has not been proven but Donald Trump is trying to suggest.



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