CNN Analyst Compares Trump To MLK To Dismiss White Nationalist Delegate

Kayleigh McEnany: “Mr. Trump Believes Like Martin Luther King That People Should Not Be Judged For The Color Of Their Skin”

From the May 11 edition of CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany. Kayleigh, let me start with you and give you an opportunity to respond to William Johnson, this white nationalist who said Mr. Trump is the real deal.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Sure. First, I want to say there's no place for white supremacist views in our society. There just simply isn't. But I believe, and I know Mr. Trump believes like Martin Luther King that people should not be judged for the color of their skin but the content of their character. I think that this idea that Trump somehow OK’d this or was in Trump Tower trying to seek out white nationalists to make as his delegates is a crazy thought. He's employed people of all skin colors, of all sexes. There are many people online, in fact. You can find African-Americans who have worked for him who come out and praise him and praise the way that they have been treated equally. So I don't think this has any reflection on Donald Trump. I think it was simply a mistake, someone who fell through the cracks.


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