CNN: 2012 Audio Shows Trump Used To Oppose Deporting Most Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump: “You Have People In This Country For 20 Years. They’ve Done A Great Job …They're Productive. Now We're Supposed To Send Them Out Of The Country? I Don't Believe In That.”

From the October 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): So CNN's KFile, one of our investigative arms, has found -- unearthed this clip of Donald Trump from 2012, when he was talking about undocumented workers, and he had -- this was on CNBC -- and he had a very, very different take on them and what should be done with them. Listen to this.


DONALD TRUMP: Well, you know my views on it. And I'm not necessarily -- I think I'm probably down the middle on that also because I also understand how -- as an example, you have people in this country for 20 years. They've done a great job, they've done wonderfully. They've gone to school. They've gotten good marks. They're productive. Now we're supposed to send them out of the country? I don't believe in that, Michelle, and you understand that. I don't believe in a lot of things that are being said.


CAMEROTA: Undocumented workers have done a great job. They have families here. Who’s that guy?

MARK PRESTON: Not the guy running for president right now apparently. Look, and this is again another example of Donald Trump saying one thing a few years ago, and absolutely going 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where he is right now. And, look, politicians often flip-flop, OK, we’ll give him that --

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): But he's not supposed to be a politician. It's a big part of the sell.

PRESTON: Right. Although he acknowledged last week that he was finally a politician. But the fact of the matter is, you got to wonder what does he believe? Does he believe they should be gone? Or does he believe that they should be here?


CNN: Trump In 2012 On Deporting Many Undocumented Immigrants: 'I Don't Believe In That'


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