CNBC's Steve Liesman Debunks Trump's “Avalanche Of Lies” About Taxes During The Debate

Liesman: “Sorry, Donald ... The Claim That His Tax Plan Would Hurt Him Seems To Be False. ... Donald Trump Would Appear To Benefit Handsomely From His Own Tax Plan”

From the October 9 edition of MSNBC's special post-debate coverage:

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BRIAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): We could launch overnight programming from now until Morning Joe doing nothing but pulling out assertions made, and going through the fact-checking process. It was that lengthy. Steve Liesman, senior economic reporter with CNBC, has been the guy looking at economic claims and other numeric claims during these debates. Steve, what do you have for us tonight?

STEVE LIESMAN: Brian, I just want to make an overall comment here, which is in addition to Pete [Williams'] work and my work, we also here monitor the various fact checkers at the other -- Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, PolitiFact. Everybody has been very busy tonight fact-checking Donald Trump. It simply is not -- it's 3-to-1 in terms of the issues that are out there of Donald Trump compared to Hillary Clinton. Maybe even 4-to-1. We don't have an exact measure. But this issue that Hillary Clinton talked about, this avalanche of lies, it seems like it's much greater than it was in previous debates here. Let me talk about comments that were made on taxes here where the two debated their various tax plans


LIESMAN: So we can find no evidence that Hillary Clinton's tax plan will raise taxes on ordinary or middle-income Americans. She has a cutoff of $250,000, which in some places you might consider that to be middle income but in most of the country is simply is not. However, there is evidence that Donald Trump, his plan might raise taxes for those in this $112,000 to $190,000 single filers in that their taxes would probably go up under Donald Trump's plan. And then there's an issue here as to whether or not Donald Trump is actually going to benefit, or will he be hurt, by his own tax plan.


LIESMAN: Sorry, Donald on that one. The claim that his tax plan would hurt him seems to be false. His business, a real estate business, doesn't really use carried interest. Now, we haven't seen his taxes so we're not certain he doesn't make use of this but in general the real estate business does not. His advisers have told me on several occasions now that his tax plan would not change the part of the tax code that he used, that allowed him to take that $916 million deduction. They think that's good tax policy. In fact, many Democrats do. But he would not suffer in any way. In fact, given the tax cuts for the wealthy in his plan, in addition to the repealing of the estate tax, Donald Trump would appear to benefit handsomely from his own tax plan, Brian


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