Chris Wallace Praises Trump As “Transparent” For Discussing His Medical Records With Dr. Oz

Wallace: “The Health Transparency Gap Now Works In Trump's Favor Because Of The Dr. Oz Incident”

From the September 14 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ:

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SANDRA SMITH (HOST): Chris, what is the state of the campaign when one candidate is at home resting after she says she was diagnosed with pneumonia and the other is releasing his medical records to Dr. Oz? It's an amazing moment 55 days out from the election day. 

CHRIS WALLACE: Well, I was just thinking, Sandra, that it's almost like in addition to all the other health issues, the two candidates have had a personality transplant because here you have Hillary Clinton sending out 20 tweets, she and her campaign, 20 tweets in one hour --sounds like Trump, and Trump is disclosing medical records on Dr. Oz being transparent the day after he announced a big new proposal for a big government spending program on paid maternity leave, so it's almost like they, as I say, they've switched identities here.

SMITH: It's unbelievable. And you wonder what kind of pressure this is going to put on Hillary Clinton and her camp to release more of her medical history because according to Dr. Oz, in a just-issued press release, he went through a full review of Trump's systems, and they laundry-listed nervous system, head and neck, hormone levels, cardiovascular health. I mean, obviously a lot of people are going to tune in to see that and how that all went. His doctor's saying he is healthy and fit to be president, but Hillary Clinton, we're still waiting, they are promising that we will see more of her medical history later on this week. 

WALLACE: Well, to be fair, she had been a lot more transparent up til now than Donald Trump had. As you remember, he had his gastroenterologist send a, I think, a two-paragraph note while the limousine was waiting outside said that Trump was going to be the healthiest, most extraordinarily healthy president in history, but at this point, the health transparency gap now works in Trump's favor because of the Dr. Oz incident. So she's going to have to go on some reality TV show and release all of her results -- no, seriously speaking, she is going to have to be more forthcoming particularly after this health scare over the weekend. 


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