Chris Matthews Fact Checks Rudy Giuliani's Lie That Trump Renounced Birtherism Three Years Ago

Matthews: “He Has Now Accepted That Birtherism Was Nonsense? When Did He Do That?”

From the September 8 edition of MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews:

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CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): Let me ask you one last question.I have to ask you one last question. I know you don't like this question, but I think it's appropriate given that you are a major, as you've just demonstrated, a strong surrogate and defender of the candidacy for president of Donald Trump. A couple of his people, including vice presidential running mate Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana and of course Dr. Ben Carson have both come out in the last days, hours practically, and said they believe President Obama is a legitimately elected President of The United States. In other words, he was born in the United States. Do you confirm that? Do you agree with that?

RUDY GIULIANI: I confirm that, and Donald Trump now confirms that. You know Hillary Clinton --

MATTHEWS: When did he do that? When did he do that?

GIULIANI: He did that two years ago. Two years ago, three years ago

MATTHEWS: He has now accepted that birtherism was nonsense? When did he do that?


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