Chris Cillizza: Katrina Pierson's Claim Hillary Clinton Has Dysphasia Doesn't Suggest That There Has Been A Trump Pivot

Washinton Post's Cillizza: “Alleging That Hillary Clinton Has Dysphasia And Keeps Falling Down Does Not Seem To Me To Suggest That There Is A Pivot”

From the August 18 edition of MSNBC's Meet The Press Daily:

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KRISTEN WELKER: So Chris, pick up on that point, the strategy here, Donald Trump; is effectively doubling down. Respond to what you heard, and what do you think the strategy is?

CHRIS CILLIZZA: Well look, I've watched a lot of Katrina Pierson interviews, obviously I'm a political reporter. That one was among the five most remarkable, Kristen, sort of alleging that Hillary Clinton has dysphasia and keeps falling down does not seem to me to suggest that there is a pivot, that the Republican establishment of which I will put Governor Whitman in. and she can feel free to reject that, but that part of the party is going to be happy with if this is what the Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway-led campaign looks like.

We're going further into sort of “Let Trump be Trump,” a consolidation of the base, but we know the base. And when I say the base, I mean the Donald Trump base, not necessarily the Republican Party base, those are two different things.

There's enough people for him to win a 17-way primary. Polling in swing states, Virginia and Colorado, those are two huge swing states that Hillary Clinton is no longer advertising because they think they won them. It would suggest that there aren't enough people who view the world this way for Donald Trump to be elected president.


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