CBS’Evening News Highlights How GOP Has “Awkwardly Condemned” Trump’s Racist Comments While Supporting Him As Nominee

From the June 7 edition of CBS' Evening News with Scott Pelley:

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SCOTT PELLEY (HOST): In a written statement today Trump said that based on the rulings in the Trump University case so far, he is justified in questioning fairness, but he said that his remarks about the judge have been quote “misconstrued” as an attack on people of Mexican heritage. Here's Major Garrett. 


MAJOR GARRETT: All this continued to panic top congressional Republicans who today awkwardly condemned Trump's remarks as racist while supporting him as the presumptive nominee. 


Republican donors and fundraisers aligned with Trump are now reconsidering or back out entirely. Scott, Republican Senators Lindy Graham of South Carolina and Jeff flake of Arizona both said today they could not endorse Trump.


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