CBS This Morning Examines Alleged Payments To Trump Campaign Chairman From Pro-Russian Ukrainian Politicians

From the August 18 edition of CBS This Morning:

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CHARLIE ROSE (CO-HOST): Sources tell the Associated Press that Donald Trump's campaign chairman helped a political party in Ukraine secretly send more than $2 million to Washington lobbyists. Paul Manafort was a consultant for that pro-Russian party. A handwritten ledger shows the party also set aside millions of dollars in undisclosed cash payments for Manafort. Charlie D'Agata has seen part of the evidence. He is in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. Charlie, good morning.

CHARLIE D'AGATA: Good morning. More than two years ago, this independence square was in chaos. President Viktor Yanukovych overthrown. In the corruption investigations that followed, Paul Manafort's name has surfaced and officials here want to know why. The ledger details $5 billion in undisclosed cash handouts, some designated to Paul Manafort, political consultant to Russian-backed strongman Viktor Yanukovych at the time. Deputy prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky is in charge of the investigation. Are you investigating Paul Manafort? 

NAZAR KHOLODNYTSKY: We are investigating all this black ledger, including the name Paul Manafort in this case. We have a lot of questions. What was this money for, paid for? And taxes, and so on.

D'AGATA: The prosecutor confirmed that Manafort's name appears 12 times for 22 different entries, totaling $12.7 million between 2007 and 2012. Manafort has denied receiving any cash payments, and it's not his signature on the ledger. Investigators say they're tracking down those who did sign for the cash. The ledger itself is held at the anti-corruption bureau. We weren't allowed to film the Manafort pages because of the ongoing investigation, but a source showed us a copy of one page. On October 5th, 2012, Paul Manafort's name appears against a sum of $400,000 designated for exit polling. Another for $812,000 was marked for international observers. 


Prosecutors told us they will consider bringing criminal charges against Paul Manafort, just like every other name allegedly on that list, if they believe there's been any wrongdoing.


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