CBS' Major Garrett: Trump's Anti-Clinton Speech “Drifted Toward Exaggeration ... And Blatant Distortion” 

From the June 23 edition of CBS This Morning

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MAJOR GARRETT: Donald Trump distilled his general election message not only against Hillary Clinton but Washington itself. It's a message that Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has been pushing internally for months, but now might finally have the power to drive his candidate to keep focused on, well, at least until the GOP convention. 


Donald Trump portrayed Hillary Clinton as the embodiment of what's wrong with Washington and insider politics. 


Trump described himself as the ultimate outsider running against a system rigged by both parties and awash in favoritism. But at times, his attacks drifted toward exaggeration --


DONALD TRUMP: She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund. She’s virtually done nothing right, she’s virtually done nothing good.


GARRETT: -- and blatant distortion. 


TRUMP: And we are, by the way, the highest taxed nation in the world. Please remember that.


GARRETT: The fact-check organization Politifact has repeatedly rated that claim false.


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