CBS' John Dickerson: “Trump Was The Chief Birther In America"

From the July 25 edition of CBS This Morning:

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CHARLIE ROSE (CO-HOST): You get the impression that the president is rearing to go. That he really wants to get out there and make the case because he is offended by what some of the Republicans are saying. 

JOHN DICKERSON: Well, there are two reasons. One, Donald Trump was the chief birther in America who suggested the president was not a legitimate president because he was not born in America. That's personal. Secondly, the president believes in the policies he put forward and thinks Hillary Clinton is the best one to protect those. And he also thinks there’s a, as he talks about, passing the baton. He wants the race to continue going forward, building on what he has done, not just protecting what he has done, but building on it and Hillary Clinton, again, is the best chance of --

ROSE: And he can make a difference?

DICKERSON: He can make a difference, particularly in the African-American community.


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