CBS' Gayle King: Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is “So Inflammatory ... It Could Even Make The Situation Worse” 

From the June 14 edition of CBS This Morning:

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JOHN HEILEMANN: Hillary Clinton would argue that the kind of policies and posturing that Trump engages in makes the country less safe. That's the argument she's going to make over the course. She made it yesterday, she's going to make it over the course of the next few months. Saying some of the inflammatory things he says about Muslims both in the United States and abroad doesn't help, doesn't make the country stronger or safer. Trump has an obviously different point of view on that topic. 

GAYLE KING: But that is the problem that I think many people are grappling with. That the words are so inflammatory that in many cases it could even make the situation worse. That's what's so frightening. 

HEILEMANN: There's certainly that and that's an argument that many foreign policy experts, again not just partisan Democrats but many foreign policy experts agree with you, agree with that assessment. 


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