On CBS, Former Romney Adviser Calls Trump's Muslim Ban “Unconstitutional” And “Abhorrent”

Dan Senor: “Everything About It Is Reprehensible”

From the June 15 edition of CBS This Morning:

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NORAH O'DONNELL (HOST): After [Donald] Trump's comments yesterday you now have the top Republicans, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, agreeing with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about his comments on Muslims. 

DAN SENOR: Right, so obviously what he said about the Muslim ban as a predicant to a religious test for entering this country is unconstitutional, it's abhorrent, everything about it is reprehensible. But as a political matter, this is the point at which Donald Trump should be unifying the party. And you have two trends or two events going on. Event number one is a bunch of polls, the CBS and Bloomberg poll in particular coming out, showing that the gap is widening between Hillary [Clinton] and Trump. And secondly, you have these crazy inflammatory, divisive things he's saying that is giving Republican leaders pause about unifying. So bad polls and inflammatory rhetoric is a bad way to unify your party on the eve of a convention.


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