Carl Bernstein: For Trump And His Administration, “The Opposition Is Not The Media; The Opposition Is Becoming The Truth”

From the January 27 edition of CNN's New Day:

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POPPY HARLOW (CO-HOST): But Mike Smerconish, my mother always taught me, Poppy, consider the source. But when the source is the president that puts the American people in a tough position, right? When the president asserts this, and you have people who have bet everything on him that changes the game than the guest, for example, that we just had on who kept saying to Chris, well, I’m a volunteer, well, I’m a volunteer.

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: Right, well lets be fair, the guest that Chris just had on, and Chris grilled him appropriately, had nothing. And David Becker is the guy who from the Pew Charitable Trusts looked five years ago at this issue. It was not a survey of voter fraud, it was a survey of voter registration lists, and the way in which the lists are not always up to date, as witnessed by the fact that some people serving Donald Trump are registered to vote in two states but it doesn’t mean they voted twice. And that's what the president has conflated. But it requires a little bit of read-in. It requires a little bit of attention. And unfortunately some folks attention span is very limited and they believe what they want to believe, regardless of what the facts are.

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Can I interrupt Carl, I want to give you some context for something Carl.

CARL BERNSTEIN: I want to go to what Poppy said for one second, really important.

CUOMO: Go ahead.


BERNSTEIN: What do the people in this country do if the President of the United States says it? Here is the alternative universe we are now in. The President of the United States said that he was going to show us his taxes, he said it throughout his campaign, his tax returns, now, he has told us he is not. It was a lie. This is the problem. We have now had, in the first week of the presidency, a series of untruths, falsehoods, as so many anchorpeople, as so many real reporters, have said, and the enemy here is not the opposition media, as Steve Bannon would have it, the enemy here is the truth. That the opposition is not the media; the opposition is becoming the truth. That is a very dangerous culture fact.


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