Bret Baier: The Republican Civil War “Is Here”

From the October 11 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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BRET BAIER (HOST): People have long said, Monica, that  there may be a civil war within the Republican Party and then others blow it off. I mean, this is here. 


BAIER: It's reality.

MONICA CROWLEY: And It is real, yes. And Donald Trump is fighting back. Look, because Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the bipartisan ruling class, that means that he's fighting a multi-front war, so he's taking incoming from the president, the White House, Mrs. Clinton, her campaign, the Democratic Party, the Republican establishment, and the media. If he wins this race it will be a straight up miracle. I think, though, that what he's doing here in terms of fighting back, this is why you have surrogates. The Republican nominee for president should not be punching down. He should not even be taking on these fights. That's what his surrogates are for. I think he would have been better served to take the opposite approach and say, “Look, when I am elected president, I'm going to need Republican majorities in the House, so vote for these candidates. Even if you don't like me, vote for them.” If he reverses the narrative and reaches out to Paul Ryan, reaches out to these Republican candidates, you know, it could have a potentially good payoff for him down the road. That's what an effective leader would do.


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