Breitbart editor-at-large: The recent attempted mass shooting at CNN was “provoked by CNN’s fake news”

John Nolte: “CNN is a network that is in hyperdrive to legitimize political violence. CNN wants political violence. They want people hurt.”

From the January 29 edition of Sirius XM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

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ALEX MARLOW (HOST): You had a very controversial piece last week where you talked about CNN’s climate of hate coming home to roost after -- and by the way, Haley is the call screener, thanks a lot to Haley as well. You wrote about CNN’s climate of hate, John, and this is something that you and I have talked about for a long time -- and I know I mentioned this originally when I was on Bill Mahar earlier last year, I think it was early in the summer -- that CNN spreading all of these lies and trying to portray the president as a racist, trying to portray Breitbart as a Nazi organization, this is going to lead to violence.


You're rightly pointing out that pushing fake news lies, as CNN does, where you push that the president is a racist and should be removed from office by the 25th Amendment because he's crazy, this is going to create a tension within the country that is going to, if not lead toward violence, is going to at least push it in that direction. And it’s a very cautionary and thoughtful piece, and yet CNN was fully triggered online, exploded over it, and I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on it a few days later.

JOHN NOLTE (BREITBART EDITOR-AT-LARGE): You have in CNN a network that has been spreading hate, lies, fake news, openly fomenting riots for years now, really, ever since Jeff Zucker took over the network. And, you have this 19-year-old guy in Michigan. According to authorities, he was so angry over CNN's fake news, that he called in with these inexcusable death threats and threatened to go to their Atlanta headquarters and kill everyone. I don't think there's any question that the guy is unbalanced, but CNN often talks about how right-wingers provoke violence against themselves.

MARLOW: All the time.

NOLTE: Pam Geller is a great example, when someone tried to behead her, there was a terrorist attack against her, she went on CNN and she was berated as having provoked this violence. So using CNN’s logic, and this guy claiming that it is the fake news from CNN that instigated him to make these terrible threats, why isn’t CNN taking a look at itself? And let’s look at -- he made these -- this man made these threats, I think, on a Monday or at least a week after one of the worst firehoses of fake news we’ve ever seen from CNN, which is saying a lot.

It was a week where, without any evidence, without talking to anyone, any professionals who had even met Trump, they declared him insane and unfit to be president. So they’re pushing these lies, these anti-science lies for a week, and then the week after this guy starts making these terrible death threats. So obviously he was provoked by CNN’s fake news.


NOLTE: CNN is a network that is in hyperdrive to legitimize political violence. CNN wants political violence. They want people hurt. They want riots, they want antifa out there. They see political violence as a legitimate tool to further CNN’s far-left agenda.


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