Breitbart Caught Passing Off Photo Of Cleveland’s NBA Championship Parade As Image Of Trump's Jacksonville Rally

Breitbart Subsequently Changed Image, But Did Not Issue Correction

UPDATE: Breitbart Issues Correction Blaming “Social Media”

In an August 3 tweet, Washington Examiner staff correspondent T. Becket Adams highlighted attempting to pass off a picture of Cleveland Cavaliers fans as an image of a Trump rally.

In an article hyping “Trump’s Jacksonville Rally Draws 15,000,” Breitbart News used a photo titled “Cleveland parade celebrates NBA title,” taken from a June 23 CNN report. Breitbart News has changed the image without issuing a correction, the original photo remains in a Google cache of the write-up.



Breitbart's deceptive use of an image displaying celebratory NBA fans is consistent with their non-existent editorial practices, as previously seen when they attempted to attack Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and instead devoted an article to attacking a woman of an entirely different race. Breitbart later admitted this error, writing ‘[t]he Loretta Lynch identified earlier as the Whitewater attorney was, in fact, a different attorney.”

[h/t T. Becket Adams]

UPDATE: Breitbart issued the following correction: “A photograph that was incorrectly attributed on social media to the rally in Jacksonville has been removed.