Bob Schieffer: Trump's Comments Go “Beyond Boys Being Boys,” To “Pigs Being Pigs”

Schieffer: Trump's Comments “Are Not A Distraction,” They Are “An Issue”

From the October 9 edition of CBS's Face The Nation:

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JOHN DICKERSON (HOST): Bob, you have moderated these debates, so what if you were on the deck tonight and about to -- or had to come up with questions for these candidates? What would you ask? 

BOB SCHIEFFER: You know, I think I would ask about the elephant in the room and I think, I guess what I would say would be this: “Mr. Trump, if some man did to your daughters what you were talking about in that debate -- in that tape, would you think that was cool? Would you be OK with that?”

MAJOR GARRETT: I'd watch that answer.

NORAH O'DONNELL: And the question is, since this is a town hall debate, will there be a question like this? And the odds are there probably will be. 

SCHIEFFER: Yes. Because this language goes beyond boys being boys. This is pigs being pigs. And I think that it is not a distraction. It is an issue.


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