Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin: It Is “One Hundred Percent” The Media’s Obligation To Ask For Trump’s Tax Returns

Halperin: “This Is Not Voyeuristic … We Have To All Keep Asking”

From the May 12 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

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MIKE BARNICLE: Would you agree though that we, the media, print and electronic media, it's our obligation to get those tax returns and explain those tax returns to the voting public?

MARK HALPERIN: 100 percent, and not just a summary of the returns, or the first page, or with redactions. The full returns, and we are obligated because this is not a random thing. This is not like Hillary Clinton’s speeches, which is a new thing as she points out, that people would like to see. Every nominee puts out returns, let's people go through them. There's all sorts of good reasons. This is not voyeuristic. So yea, Mike, we have to all keep asking, as many of us have asked. I've asked him several times about it, he gives roughly the same answer. He's going to have to put out the returns, I’m almost certain and we should demand full returns, not just the summary.


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