Bloomberg's Mark Halperin: Bonafide Trump Apologist

Bloomberg host Mark Halperin repeatedly defended Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after his remark that “Second Amendment people” could retaliate against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appointing liberal Supreme Court judges by equating Trump’s statement to remarks Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden made in previous elections.

Following Trump’s widely criticized comments, Halperin immediately defended Trump, suggesting a “parallel” between Trump’s remarks and comments made by Biden and Clinton on the 2008 campaign trail, ignoring that neither Biden or Clinton’s statement could be reasonably interpreted to suggest inciting violence.

Halperin has previously defended Trump against criticism for his controversial remarks. In June, Halperin claimed that Trump’s racial attack on a Hispanic-American judge wasn’t “racial” because “Mexico isn’t a race.” Halperin also criticized Democrats after Trump called on Russia to spy on the U.S., claiming that “both sides” were behaving badly.”