Bloomberg’s Heilemann: “We’re Setting The Bar Low” For Trump, “But That’s Sometimes Where You Have To Set The Bar”

Nicolle Wallace: “The Fact That He Did Not Show Up In A Foreign Country And Get Run Out Of The Place, That Was A Good Day For Trump”

From the August 31 edition of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect:

NICOLLE WALLACE (CO-HOST): In terms of where he is, there are some voters out there, who, the fact that he did not show up in a foreign country and get run out of the place, that was a good day for Trump.

JOHN HEILEMANN (CO-HOST): Yes, and, again, we're setting the bar low. 

WALLACE: Very low. 

HEILEMANN: Let's be clear. We're setting the bar low, but that's sometimes where you have to set the bar.


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