Bloomberg's With All Due Respect Ridicules Right-Wing Media's “Parallel Universe” Of Donald Trump Coverage

Donny Deutsch: “What They're Saying Is So Ignorant And Stupid, Stupid For The Candidate And Stupid, Actually, Factually”

From the August 8 edition of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect:

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MARK HALPERIN (HOST): If you have been watching Fox News lately or listening to talk radio, you may have picked up on some repeating themes when it comes to coverage of Trump and Clinton. One is that the polling showing Trump behind can't possibly be right. Another is that the media is generally biased against Trump and finally, a reminder that Trump continues to draw very big crowds. Here’s what all that sounds and looks like. 


So, Donny, they're talking more about polls and media bias and crowd size than they are about Trump's message, very similar to what we heard at end of the 2012 campaign for Mitt Romney and his supporters. Is this kind of stuff preaching to the faithful, largely in these audiences, is it helpful or hurtful to Trump’s campaign? 

DONNY DEUTSCH (CO-HOST): It's preaching to their audience, which, A, loves conspiracy theories. I mean, they’re in a business. Fox News -- we’re all in a business here. So they're talking to their audience. What they're saying is so ignorant and stupid, stupid for the candidate and stupid actually, factually. Believe it or not, statistically there are more negative mentions of Hillary Clinton, starting last year, versus Donald Trump in all the media. 


HALPERIN: They're wasting time not talking about his message, easily converted. Yes, it revs up the base a little bit, but I think it is so diluted. It is so unscientific, it is so unrigorous, it’s so off the point of needing a comeback. Trump needs a comeback. He needs a comeback. If he’s going to win, he needs to come back. And they're out there saying the polls are wrong because his crowds are bigger? 


Romney was sure he was going to win, and Fox and the talk radio news loop is -- it's death to them. It is like a parallel universe in which Trump is going to win and then the real universe happens.

DEUTSCH: If you think about if you're Fox and you're talking to the audience, what else are you saying at this point?


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