Bill O'Reilly's Debate Question To Clinton: “Do You Support Colin Kaepernick Disrespecting The Nation Anthem?”

O'Reilly: Trump “Would Behead Him Or Something” But Hillary Clinton “Can't Say Anything Bad About Kaepernick”

From the September 26 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): To Hillary Clinton but also Donald Trump. Do you support Colin Kaepernick disrespecting the national anthem? Yes or no, then explain. 

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, “disrespecting” is a bit of a tip-off. What I think you ought to say, since you and I are in a contest here, you ought to say “taking, kneeling, and not putting his hand over his heart when the flag is shown.” But I'll give you -- that was a B-plus. That was fine. Look, I think --

O’REILLY: That was a good question because -- go ahead.

KRAUTHAMMER: Let the candidates define the nature of the Kaepernick protest rather than the moderator. 

O'REILLY: But they will, but they have to answer -- look, it's obviously disrespectful, what he's doing. There's no doubt about it. If they say it isn’t, then they have got a lot of explaining to do. Hillary Clinton, I don’t think she’d answer that question. Trump would answer it in a heartbeat. “I would behead him or something,” you know Trump. But, to Hillary Clinton, she can't say anything bad about Kaepernick. Why, Charles? Why can't she? 

KRAUTHAMMER: Well look, it's even a tougher one would be do you -- what's your response to the rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina?


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