Bill O'Reilly: “On The Terror Issue, Trump Has The Advantage”

O'Reilly: Obama And Hillary Clinton “Downplay The Muslim Angle, Even Though Just About All The Terrorism In The World Is Generated By Islamic Fanatics”

From the September 19 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Talking Points expects the terror deal to be in the forefront one week from tonight in the first debate. Secretary Clinton's anti-terror posture pretty much the same as what President Obama has put into place. Mr. Trump far more aggressive, at least his words are, in limiting the USA's exposure to Muslims abroad and punishing groups like ISIS.

On the terror issue, Trump has the advantage as most Americans are pretty much fed up with the jihad and want to see a more aggressive policy to defeat it. Trump has also emotion on his side, as the president and Mrs. Clinton continue to downplay the Muslim angle, even though just about all the terrorism in the world is generated by Islamic fanatics.

Summing up, Trump has a major opportunity on the national security issue if he lays out plans that are specific and not harmful to innocent folks. Migrants and peaceful Muslims aren't the problem. Jihadists are.


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