Bill O'Reilly: Feminists Should Not Be Allowed To Report On Trump “Because Trump Is The Antithesis Of” Feminism

O'Reilly: “Do You Let A Feminist Report On A Beauty Contestant Person Who Is Now Turned Politician?”

From the May 17 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): She is a feminist. Trump is a beauty contestant purveyor. Do you let a feminist report on a beauty contestant person who is now turned politician?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, of course. That doesn't condemn somebody and say they can't report on X or Y. Somebody is a conservative or a liberal, that doesn't mean they can't report. As we learn over the decades, the best reporters may have feelings and personal conclusions, and they can edit those and filter those things out.

O'REILLY: Well maybe so, but there were a lot of charged words in that article.

WOODWARD: Yeah. I didn't think it was one of their finest articles.

O'REILLY: Wait, wait. If I'm an editor and I know there is a feminist woman in my newsroom, who is brilliant because I think this woman is an excellent reporter, I don't let her report on a guy like Trump because Trump is the antithesis of that. And so I don't want any margin of error here, there are plenty of reporters who can do the story, do you not see that?

WOODWARD: Yeah, look, I really disagree. There are feminists on the left and the right as you know, and somebody can put their personal feelings and conclusions in their back pocket and keep them there.


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