Bill Kristol: Paul Ryan “Doesn't Think Donald Trump Should Be President”

Kristol: “Why Is He Even Pretending To Support Donald Trump?”

From the August 4 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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BILL KRISTOL: It was a fundamental mistake for the Republican Party, not a majority but a plurality of Republican voters, to nominate Donald Trump. People are seeing that now. It's a free country. People are entitled to run as independents. But again, let me talk about these Republican office-holders. Obviously, Trump’s the nominee. I’m not challenging that. Why do these Republican office-holders feel they had to do what they know is wrong? They’ll tell you it’s wrong in private, but in public they felt they had to go along, they had to bend the knee. Paul Ryan, a man I respect very much, why is he even pretending to support Donald Trump? He doesn't think Donald Trump should be President of the United States.


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