Ben Stein: “I Have Not Heard A Racist Word” Out Of Donald Trump's Mouth

Stein: Trump Is “Not A Ranting, Blubbering, Fool, He's Making A Lot Of Sense, And I Don't See What's Anti-Democratic About Him”

From the March 15 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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BEN STEIN: People talk about Trump as if he's some sort of lunatic. What he's saying makes a lot of sense. 

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): But it bothers a lot of folks who say -- even in the Republican Party, Ben, that he might be alienating Latino voters who he seems to be targeting. He says no, he's just talking about illegals. It's very clear in his statements and press releases that's exactly what he is saying, but it's sort of been morphed together, as sort of an anti-Hispanic rant. What do you say? 

STEIN: [INAUDIBLE] Morphed together by the Democratic establishment. There's so much talk about the Republican establishment, and I don't even know who is in the Republican establishment. I would think I would be, by virtue of age and the fact that both my father and grandfather were fairly prominent Republicans. But, what I'm looking at here is the Democratic establishment, is the one trying to cut off debate, trying to keep Mr. Trump from speaking. I don't think there's ever been a case before where a major political party in the US has had, on a systematic basis, an attempt to silence the other party's leading presidential candidate. That is an outrage. That is the real anti-Democratic thing that is going on here. It's not Trump, who is the anti-democratic here, it is the other side. My old childhood next door neighbor, dear friend Carl Bernstein, obviously on very different sides of the fence politically, says Mr. Trump is a neo-fascist. He's the exact opposite of a neo-fascist. He wants government of, by, and for the people. It's the other side trying to shout him down, and have government by a screaming, un-elected elite. 


CAVUTO:  Do you know, or see right now, Ben, any dangers for Donald Trump? I mean, you know, If he has a good night tonight, wins five out of the six, you know, big events here, he could be well on his way. And you hear the establishment trying to make overtures to him, kind of, Donald Trump trying to make overtures to him, kind of. Can they all get along and hug, when all is said and done? 

STEIN: I think they can get along and hug, and I think Mr. Trump is a rising star. I think he has caught on to the national mood, I think Mrs. Clinton is a falling star, trying to play race based, identity based politics. Mr. Trump is saying let's all stand together as Americans. I have not heard a racist word out of that man's mouth. He wants a peaceful, calm America, he wants a strong military. How's he going to pay for it with his tax plan, god only knows, and I certainly don't know. But I think people should be listening to him. He's not a ranting, blubbering fool. He's making a lot of sense, and I don't see what's anti-democratic about him. 


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