Ben Carson Blames Trump's Abortion Comments On MSNBC Not Giving Him The Topic Beforehand

Ben Carson: “When Interviews Are Done, Usually ... There's A General Discussion About What The Topics Are Going To Be”

From the March 31 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE (GUEST HOST): You've been floating around on social media all day long, for your rigorous defense of Donald Trump. Some people thought it was interesting though, that you said Trump did not see the question, or wasn't warned that the question was coming. At this stage of the game, should he have been a little bit more prepared with an answer? 

BEN CARSON: Well, bear in mind, when interviews are done, usually, you know, there's a general discussion about what the topics are going to be, and you have a general idea of what you're going to say about them. 

PAYNE: Right. 

CARSON: That's not to say that it has to be that way. I don't care, quite frankly, because you know I don't spin, i just tell the truth, so it doesn't matter whether I've been told about it before or not. But that's what's generally done, and for people to sit there and act like, you know, he should have had an answer for this, remember, even though the abortion issue has been a big issue for decades, very few people have voiced opinions about whether the woman should be punished. So, you know, that's kind of coming out of left field. I haven't heard a lot of people talking about that on the left, or the right. 


PAYNE: Well, we know -- now we can add another one to the list. because this one is not going away. Already a Hillary Clinton super-PAC is running digital ads of that yesterday, and of course we point out that Donald Trump, his camp sent out -- almost immediately, a retraction and clarified his position on it, But those words and that interview, of course -- by the way, word to the wise, when conservatives go on with Chris Matthews, expect the unexpected, OK?


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