BBC’s Kim Ghattas: Trump's Insinuations About American Muslims “Feeds A Pattern Of Islamophobia"

Ghattas: “The Insinuation That Somehow, Whenever You Speak About Muslim-Americans, You Must Bring Up Terrorism Is Very Disturbing”

From the August 1 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

KIM GHATTAS: The other point is, what I've found very troubling with the Khan episode is that, every time the family's name comes up, Mr. Trump and his surrogates bring up Islamic terrorism. And the insinuation that somehow, whenever you speak about Muslim-Americans, you must bring up terrorism is very disturbing, and it feeds a pattern of Islamophobia. What Mr. Trump said about Ghazala Khan, that she stood there as a subdued wife and probably wasn't allowed to speak. Well, she showed him that she could speak, but the insinuation that Muslim women are downtrodden, that all Arab women are downtrodden is that Trump's probably never met one because I can tell you, they're pretty feisty. 


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