Ari Melber Says “Former FBI Official” Described Comey's Firing As “Insane,” Questioned If It Is “Obstruction”

Melber: “A Nonpartisan Former FBI Official” Described Comey's Firing “As, Quote, 'Insane' And Questioned Whether It Could Amount To, Quote, 'Obstruction'”

From the May 9 edition of MSNBC's For The Record With Greta:

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ARI MELBER: I've just heard from a former FBI official, who in fairness I would describe as loyal to Jim Comey, to be clear to our viewers --


MELBER: As many are. But this former official, who is a nonpartisan former FBI official, described this as shocking, as, quote, “insane,” and questioned whether it could amount to, quote, “obstruction.” Again, an idea coming anonymously from a former FBI official that because of the ongoing and unusual criminal inquiry it is problematic to do this removal.

Having said that, I would echo what is in Rosenstein's letter, there was bipartisan law enforcement experts who felt that Jim Comey departed from these rules. But again, the timing I think will be a key question. Why are you fired now for everything that is old?

There wasn't a lot of new information in the letter, there was not a lot of new material, and contrast that to the dealings as you mentioned, with General Flynn where new information came in, and he was not immediately dealt with. The timing could be a key clue to all this.


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