Anderson Cooper Refutes Claim That Trump Is A “Blue Collar Billionaire”

Cooper: “It's Not As If He's Been Spending A Lot Of Time In Ohio Working On Issues,” “He’s Been In New York … Licensing His Name On Buildings”

From the July 28 edition of CNN’s America’s Choice 2016: Democratic National Convention:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): How can anybody who has been in the public eye like president Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, who has sought out the public eye from day one, not claim to be in the elites? Donald Trump lives in a triplex apartment at the top of Trump Tower and it's like high gilt.

JEFFREY LORD: Seriously, that is a great question, and that was the difference between Mitt Romney, who was perceived in that fashion, and Donald Trump, who is not.

COOPER: I don’t know who he’s not perceived by, because it seems to me he's been trying to be in the elite from the very moment he wanted to get out of Queens and move into Manhattan.

LORD: I can only tell you, in talking to regular, average Trump supporters, at the one rally I went to for example, they think he’s --

VAN JONES: That blue collar billionaire.

LORD: Yeah, blue collar billionaire. That was blue collar billionaire. Exactly.

COOPER: But it’s just interesting because they don't have any history of meeting him previously. It's not as if he's been spending a lot of time in Ohio working on issues or concerned about, he's been in New York building buildings and building a brand. Not even building buildings, licensing his name on buildings.


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