On AM Joy, Eric Boehlert Says Trump Is Campaigning On A “Conservative Media View Of America” That “Doesn't Match Facts”

Eric Boehlert: Trump “Is Taking Every Talking Point From Rush Limbaugh And Fox News About The Dire, Almost Hysterical State Of America Under Obama, Which Isn't True”

From the July 31 edition of MSNBC's AM Joy:

ERIC BOEHLERT: There's two tracks. It's the politicians and it's the conservative media, right? Donald Trump is essentially running this bubble campaign. He is taking every talking point from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News about the dire, almost hysterical state of America under Obama, which isn't true, and he looked at that and said “I'm going to run a national campaign. I'm going to run for president on this stuff.” Worked great in the Republican primary. Now after the convention he has to face mainstream America. And he is going to be talking about how the country is broken, how it's falling apart, how it's a divided crime scene, and things like that. Those don't add up with the facts. He's going to have a tough time pushing this bubble message through November. And again, this is going back to kind of a conservative media view on America. It doesn't match the facts.


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