All In's Chris Hayes Compares Trump's “Unhinged” Ohio Speech To Charlie Sheen's #Winning Tour

Hayes: “I've Been Watching [Trump Speeches] For 13 Months ... That Was The Most Unhinged Thing That I've Seen From Him”

From the July 6 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES: I went into this wanting to talk about the fundraising because it's sort of interesting, and we'll see what the accounting shakes out. But I have to talk first with the speech he gave tonight, which -- I've been watching these now for 13 months for my sins and that was the most unhinged thing that I've seen from him. It was all over the place. It was like Charlie Sheen during his “#Winning” tour. 

MOLLY VAULT: Well, hasn't Trump told you that we're going to be winning so much that you're going to get tired of winning? I’m sorry to see you're already tired of winning, Chris. 

HAYES: I am tired of winning.

VAULT: But as Mr. Trump has said, you can beg him to stop winning and he's not going to stop. Look, I mean, I don't actually know that this is the most bonkers we've ever seen Trump. I've also been watching Trump for a long time, and this sort of free associating -- Number one, it makes him entertaining. 

HAYES: That’s true.

VAULT: It keeps people tuning in, it keeps the cable networks playing his rallies live, because you never know what he's going to say. And it keeps his latest outrage in the news, so whatever the last outrage was is in the rearview mirror. Now in the primaries, that was a feature, not a bug. It's not clear that's a good thing in the general election when there is, according to most Republican leaders, a better message he could be driving if he had any interest in talking about something other than sort of the latest thing to pop into his head. 

HAYES: So this is exactly right. I mean, to me the problem is there's two different incentives. I think you're right, he understands he's better TV if he's off the cuff and he's unpredictable and he talks about all this stuff and you don’t know what he’s going to say. But better TV does not mean better candidate. There's this great Mitch McConnell line, or Mitch McConnell keeps saying he's said to Trump, put me down for boring. I mean, there's a reason Mitch Mcconnell has had some success in his political life, even though he's not particularly entertaining. And I think right now, Trump is caught in this -- he's not polling well. The one thing he knows is to generate attention. He's good at that, but he starts tonight by relitigating Star-of-David-gate and Saddam Hussein, which is not what he should be talking about, based on the consensus opinion of every single political professional in the universe. 

VAULT: Right. But I mean he gets -- he's a sort of natural entertainer who plays to the crowd. The feedback he gets from these crowds is “this is fun” and I think he processes that feedback in the moment, and I think the worry of people like Mitch McConnell is not necessarily that Trump isn't willing to become a more controlled and professional candidate, but that he actually lacks the ability. That we've seen him try to be self-disciplined and fail and he sort of just loses control in the moment and does what feels right and that's the real problem, is that even if he wanted to sort of be the on-script candidate Mitch McConnell would like to see, he literally lacks the self-control to do that. 


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