Alex Jones: “We Have To Defend” Donald Trump; Obama Is “Running ISIS Right Now”

From the December 3 edition of Genesis Communication Network's The Alex Jones Show

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JONES: So, am I 100 percent sold on Donald Trump? No, I mean I was 50-60 percent for him months ago, still ambiguous, and -- but the stuff he's been doing, he's been so positive, just the facts he's bringing up are so incendiary to the other side that we have to defend him because the ideas he's putting out in general are very good.


We're not being given the truth about 9-11, just like we notice Obama is basically running ISIS right now. This rabbit hole goes deep, people. Why is the government of Europe and the United States bringing in millions of Jihadis that just attacked us again out in California, and the media's practicing covering this up and saying turn our guns in?


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